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Please see the club notice boards for the team sheets for the next few games
If you are available to play please add your name to the list before the Wednesday leading up to the game

WITNEY TOWN SUNDAY 12 FEB 2017 Start 2:00 & 4:15pm
DRESS: Club Tops & GREYS 2 + 2 Rinks MIXED Venue CARTERTON
Selected by:   Brian Lacey 01235 529427    
If you are unable to play once the team is selected please inform the captain
 2pm Start2pm Start4:15pm Start4:15pm Start 
Lead P Jeffries K Hadris J Bice J Evans  
Two D Whitehead A Murdoch C Turner G Edwards  
Three M Chown J Davie C Lali W Pointer  
Skip P Baskerville B Lacey P Rogers W Turner  
Reserves from          

Shared Transport for Away Match to CARTERTON to play Witney Town
Driver P Baskerville B Lacey M Chown C Turner G Edwards W Turner
Passengers K Hadris D Whitehead P Jeffries J Bice C Lali J Evans
  A Murdock J Davie       W Pointer
            P Rogers
Travelling independently